MINDFUL MANAGER - Calm at Christmas (The Inspirational Seminar for Conscious Leaders)
Friends Meeting House, Manchester M2 5NS

I’m delighted to announce the December edition of Mindful Manager in Manchester! As you may have heard from participants, Mindful Manager is a cutting-edge personal development seminar for those with a strong interest in practical, non-religious, spiritual growth. I will host a short talk on mindfulness and how to stay true to your authentic Self in a world that expects you to be different. After that there’s plenty of time for Q&A.


Nothing is off-limits; life purpose, soul, the challenges of wholehearted leadership, vulnerability, fear, self-love, impostor syndrome, managing staff dynamics,… let’s talk and let’s transcend.

I look forward to sharing coaching energy to help you resolve personal and professional challenges and create more headspace in a uniquely refreshing way.

Whether you have a specific question or just want to come along to recharge your spiritual batteries… Mindful Manager is the inspirational event for you (and of course non-managers are also welcome!)

It’s OK to put yourself first… You can’t pour from an empty cup.

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EXPO STARS MASTERCLASS - Turning Encounters into Extraordinary Moments of Engagement
Manchester Metropolitan University, Business School, All Saints Campus

I’ll be a guest speaker at Making the Case for Face2Face – High Performance B2B Live Marketing – A Masterclass on how to grow your business using the power of live face-to-face marketing at conferences, congresses and exhibitions.

In this fast paced digital marketing era, face-to-face live marketing is still king when it comes to engaging new sales prospects and creating long lasting business relationships.

Expo Stars is bringing together leading expert speakers in strategy, team building, communication skills and business growth, who will explain how you can gain more clients, enhance your brand, and engage in high performance B2B live marketing.

My talk is called, Turning encounters into extraordinary moments of engagement.

+44 (0) 788 407 68 93