Last night at around 9 o’clock I received an emergency phone call from a Senior Director I used to work with before I went self-employed. He was driving home after yet another long day at the office and was clearly in a state of panic. “Christoph! I can’t do this anymore! I’m a mess and I don’t want my wife to see me like this – again!”

I said, “Park your car and let’s talk.”

And so I listen, I ask a few questions, he blows off steam and half an hour later he’s able to resume his journey with a clear head, a weight lifted, and enjoy what’s left of the evening with his wife.

You see, for as long as I can remember, people have always opened up to me.

And when you’ve spent 14 years in Learning and Development, you do learn a thing or two about what really frustrates employees and what really motivates them.

Then I realised that there is, in fact, a massive gap between the easily accessible (yet sporadic) 1:1’s and the more involved option of an Employee Assistance Programme. And it was that very gap –and the desire to bridge it– which inspired me to establish my own coaching business to offer my bespoke support to many more companies.  But I only work with “conscious companies,” i.e. companies that really understand the importance of the emotional well-being of employees; companies that realise how opening up is the cornerstone of authentic employee engagement. Conscious leaders believe that in today’s hectic world, investing in boosting their employees’ intangible motivation drivers will bring the greatest return:

  • “Help me improve my self-confidence (it will make for more impactful sales presentations)”
  • “How can I restore my work- life balance? (I want quality both on and off-stage)”
  • “Show me how I could click better with the rest of the team (I want to become more emotionally intelligent to drive our team performance)”
  • “Teach me how to not let an angry client ruin my weekend! (so I can focus more on my kids)”
  • “Help me overcome my approval addiction please! (so I no longer exhaust myself and can focus on my other projects more effectively)”

When employees can open up in this way, big –lasting– shifts occur, boosting emotional well-being and authentic engagement.

I work with employees from all levels of the organisation and my signature coaching style helps me identify what really holds them back and what really motivates people to significantly improve their performance. Therefore I’m able to reach employees where other conventional methods have failed.

“But we already have an HR department and we also have a Training team. And isn’t motivational coaching the job of the Team Leader?” you may ask.


My clients engage my services in tandem with HR, Training, and other departments. After all, they may not have the time or experience to coach, or can only organise larger-scale group training events (thus overlooking individual needs).  As a result, together we achieve -and exceed- your company’s business goals faster:

  • better team collaboration
  • inspired customer service
  • winning more clients
  • Quality –in general –will improve

… And that’s why conscious companies have the engagement edge.

So, in summary (and to use the words of my clients): I support employees emotionally and your company sees the results financially.