I’m committing blasphemy and I know it: I am publishing an article about self-development with a spiritual twist on LinkedIn. But I want to, because my book Life of a Lifetime seems secretly popular among senior managers who are keen to restore work-life balance and find that certain “missing piece” they lost while being so busy building their careers. So here is, taken from this very book, Chapter 8:

One day when I was a child, I noticed what looked like a postcard that had fallen out of my mother’s diary. It was a motivational card with a picture of a frog on it. The frog was sitting on a lily pad drifting in a pond, looking at another lily pad and wondering whether it would be able to leap to the other pad without falling in the water. This was many years ago, and I can still remember the powerful effect the image on the postcard had on me. Even more powerful was the motivational quote written at the bottom of the card – “Go ahead. You can do it!”

Now, I wouldn’t want to compare you to a frog! But are you sitting there, looking at the next lily pad in your life? Do you want to leap ahead but are contemplating if you should? Do you wonder if it’s safe for you to leap? If you will make it? Whether it’s the right pad? Or if maybe you should try leaping on another one – maybe one that’s a bit closer? I’m about to give you eight good reasons why you can leap forward!

Look, even if the frog ends up in the water, it will survive. That’s for sure. And so will you. That’s also for sure. However, I don’t want falling into the water to even be an option for you. You didn’t read this book so you could make your leap and fall short. You picked this book because you felt intrigued by what it had to offer. And I believe that means you are ready to bring about some kind of change in your life. Am I right?

That change can be a large project or perhaps a dream you want to realise, such as setting up a business or training to run a marathon. But it can also be a very personal aspiration, such as becoming more confident and self-assured. Or perhaps you want to develop your innate skills and talents further or achieve certain professional goals. All types of change are grand in their own unique way. And all types of change are within leaping reach in your pond of life. When you decide you want to bring about change in your life, you are deciding to embark on a journey. A fascinating journey filled with both hesitation and excitement. A journey to the next phase of your life. Whatever the change you aim for, the journey will lead you to a place where you’ll discover many new things and accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. But the only way to discover what the next phase in your life holds for you is to leap toward that next lily pad in your pond. And I want to give you extra motivation to do so. Here’s why I believe you can leap forward. Here are the reasons why I say to you, “Leap ahead! You can do it!”

Reason 1: You Are Ready

Being ready can be as simple as honouring the feeling of being ready. To be ready doesn’t mean you need to have all the resources or the perfect plan. To be ready doesn’t mean you need to know that’s going to happen and when and how. You don’t always need to know what the final result will look like or feel like. That’s getting ahead of yourself, which creates unnecessary stress. It’s so easy to say, “I don’t think I’m good enough / strong enough / experienced enough yet.” But I want you to stop hiding behind what are often excuses. Your disempowering thoughts create disempowering energy. And because of the contradiction in energies between your desire for change on one hand and your hesitation on the other, the energetic vibration you send out is one of doubt and confusion. So what do you “attract” back to you? What do you create more of? Doubt and confusion.

Instead, I encourage you to say to yourself, “I am ready to take my life to the next level. I am ready to move forward in my life.” This is a great way to kick-start the process. Use affirmative words that will help you send out a clear and pure energy signal to the Universe. Stating to yourself and the Universe that you are ready will help you feel empowered to take action. You don’t need more diplomas, skills, qualifications, or credentials to take the first step. You can always obtain additional training and acquire the necessary resources later, should they be required. For now, it’s all about acknowledging that you are ready. It’s all about no longer pushing back against your desire for change but accepting and embracing it instead. To acknowledge you are truly ready is the most powerful statement you can make. Saying to yourself you are ready for something different and new – whatever project or dream that might be – is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Reason 2: You Are Capable

You are capable of moving into the next phase of your life because there’s something you don’t know. Let me reveal a secret that’s been kept from you. You have untapped stores of energy inside you, lying dormant. These energy reserves can only be tapped into by taking action. In other words, as you take steps towards reaching your goal, you will awaken a powerful force that has been waiting for just this moment. This force will drive you forward. Its energy will fuel you with strength, motivation, and encouragement you never imagined possible and never knew you had because you were never told about them…until now.

Only you know if the calling to reach your goal is real. But if it is, and you get goose bumps simply at the thought of accomplishing that goal, then you have to go for it. And when you do – when you take action – this amazing source of previously hidden energy will help you. It will help you be authentic in your actions and propel you forward.

Perhaps even more importantly, this power will be there to pull you out of any temporary slumps you might encounter. I can promise you this because I know this power well. I work with it every day. It guides me through any hesitations and stress I might experience, and it always leads me where I want to go, no matter how large my goal. I always feel capable of charging ahead and exploring new opportunities in my life. And you can feel this way too, if you let the power coming from your untapped inner energy stores guide you. You’ll see!

Reason 3: You Are Loved

Nothing is more powerful than love. When we feel loved and appreciated, we catapult ourselves through life. Nothing is too much, too hard, or too complicated. Nothing scares us, and nothing is out of our reach. We feel we can take on the world and are braver than we’ve ever been before. Well then, would it not make sense to use the power of love to propel you forward in your life? I think so!

No matter how alone, lost, or insecure you might feel, I can assure you that you are loved. And you can use that love for the purpose of creating a better life for yourself. Maybe you are wondering where this love will come from. Well, there is an infinite supply of love available to you, but it comes from a different source, a different realm. This exceptional kind of love is provided to you by your soul and a whole collection of entities such as spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over. They always support you in accomplishing your dreams and goals and offer you unconditional love. I want you to use this knowledge to feel invincible. Every time you have even the slightest doubt or hesitation, visualise your spiritual support system encouraging you and cheering you on. They really do think the world of you, even though they reside in a different world than yours.

Reason 4: You Might as Well

“If you don’t try, you’ll never know – so you might as well.” That’s a favourite saying of mine. I use it a lot. It’s my to-the-point reply when someone is hesitant about taking steps toward a new opportunity and asks me, “Chris, should I do it?” I can’t predict the outcome, but I know one thing for sure. The only way to find what the future holds is to walk toward it. And the only way to find out what your future holds is to walk toward it. So you might as well try.

This isn’t even about co-creation or to what degree your life is predestined. This is about simple logic. And often a little logic is the wake-up call you need to see the forest for the trees. Think about this for a moment. How can you know how great the next phase of your life is, if you don’t try to find out? If you want to leap onto a new lily pad of opportunity in your life’s pond, you can’t keep worrying about falling into the water. Just like the frog, you are agile and will survive. Remember, your current lifetime is your chance to be bold, to be different, and to boost your soul – so you might as well. Consider how unique and precious your lifetime is. You might as well do something new and exciting once in a while to make sure you take full advantage of that opportunity. Next time you think to yourself, “Should I do it? Should I try?” I want you to answer with confidence, “Hey, I might as well!”

Reason 5: You Have Permission

One of the biggest reasons why people hold back on following their dreams is because they believe they don’t have permission to pursue them. They think positive change is a privilege for others, but not for them. Fragile hopes of becoming a more confident person or working toward achieving a dream are often buried under the crushing self-limiting belief that they are not allowed to create a better life. Some people choose not to believe they are as entitled to positive change as the next person.

I am going to make a request. I want you to take a good deep look inside and ask yourself an incredibly important question. Can it be that one of the reasons why you haven’t taken any steps toward changing your situation is because somehow you believe you don’t have permission to do so? Have you been holding back from jumping at great opportunities because you thought you weren’t allowed? That for some reason it wasn’t appropriate for you to do so? Do you have a voice in your head whispering (or shouting), “Who the heck do you think you are?” Don’t feel typecast by the societal role you have taken on thus far or by descriptive labels people have assigned you that don’t apply.

Let’s say you were told you were shy as a young child. You believe this and, as a result, you often feel shy. Therefore, people start to perceive you as that shy person. And so you translate your shyness (which you never really had but took on because you were told you were shy) into a belief you are weak and will always remain in the shadow of others. You think there’s no place for you in the limelight. Your shyness has taken root, and you now feel totally stuck on the side lines.

However, just because you feel you can’t go anywhere that doesn’t mean there’s nowhere to go. You can cut yourself loose. You can become a stronger and more self-assured person. You can because you are allowed to. You have the permission to change or cast off a description that never applied to you to begin with. No matter what the external or internal pressure, you have every right to try something new. You have permission to change your mind about who you think you are and what you think you are capable of doing. You are allowed to change yourself.

Reason 6: You Will Learn

Everybody is nosy. Whether we admit it or not, we all like to know what’s going on, right? We have a curious side and like to be kept in the loop. I believe that’s a good thing as long as we don’t waste our time on speculating and gossiping.

Are you nosy? Good. Do you know what that tells you? It indicates you are eager to learn. You want to learn about everything that goes on in the world around you. Did you know you can use your curiosity to move to the next stage of your life? Absolutely! It’s a spiritual two-for-one. You get to learn and you get to move on! You can use your eagerness to learn new things to help you achieve your goals. Just imagine how much will be revealed to you over the next coming weeks or months if you start taking action today. Think for a moment just how much you will have learned by this time next year. Fascinating things about yourself, your hidden potential, your possibilities, the new people you will meet along the way, the new ideas to which you’ll be exposed – the list is endless. All waiting for you to discover!

Be an adventurous pirate on your ship of personal growth sailing the sea of change. Look at every challenge, project, or goal as your own personal treasure hunt. Use your desire to quench your thirst for knowledge as your incentive to take action. When you take action, you are bound to discover and unlock the treasure chest that contains wisdom you will be glad to receive. You will be equally glad you didn’t waste any time and embarked on your journey today.

Reason 7: You’re Going to Love It

My clients come from many different cultures and walks of life, and they want to talk to me about a wide variety of issues. But no matter how different their personalities and goals may be, they all experience the same thing shortly after they begin taking action and making changes. They all experience what I call the joy of achieving.

This joy is a deep and genuine feeling of happiness; a sense of real satisfaction and fulfilment. This joy is the best of the best of feelings. Some people want to shout it from the rooftops; others prefer to bask in their happiness in a quieter way. No matter how you choose to express the joy of achieving, you can’t help but radiate happiness. This is what it feels like when you follow your dreams. It’s a reward of the highest preciousness.

This kind of joy is unique. It will fill you with the greatest sense of achievement, and you will feel you’ve made a giant leap forward in your life. You will love this incredible feeling, and I want you to keep this feeling in mind while you are working on your goals. It’s certainly another major reason to go for it and start taking action today. Just imagine how absolutely awesome you will feel when you achieve your dreams! And the good thing is you will already begin discovering the joy of achieving during the process.

As you jump over the inevitable hurdles you’ll encounter, each time you make a successful jump, you will discover just how great achieving feels. Even in its most modest portions, this joy will become a positive addiction, and you’ll want more of it! All those little bits of joy will add up, and when you complete your project or achieve your goal, the grand total will be a massive feeling of authentic inner joy. This joy will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You will simply adore it. And rightly so, because it will be the well-deserved reward for your commitment and dedication to pursue your dreams.

Reason 8: You Will Become a Beacon of Light

Have you ever gone for a walk by the water and marvelled at a beautiful swan? This proud and majestic creature glides through the water effortlessly. Or at least that’s how it seems. What we often forget is that, beneath the surface, the swan is paddling like crazy. Without this effort, she would merely drift with the current rather than move toward her destination. The swan is a symbol of transformation as she changes from an unremarkable looking little grey cygnet to a magnificent white swan. She symbolises the transformation from small and fragile to strong and proud. And transformation is what this book is about.

You have been given the tools to change yourself and your life. But your transformation requires some paddling from you. You too can glide through life, but you will need to put in some effort and use the tools. Now, as you make this effort and gradually change your life to one of joy, another amazing thing happens. Aside from creating a better life for yourself, there is an additional benefit  to look forward to throughout your personal transformation. You will inspire others. As you become stronger, you will become a beacon of light for others.

As you discover the joy of achieving, others will notice how you radiate contentment and happiness. Similarly to the steadfast effort and the motion of the swan creating ripples on the water, your genuine happiness, success, and renewed appreciation for life will also create ripples. Your positive attitude and actions will inspire others to follow your example. Your energy and enthusiasm will encourage others to create their own ripples, their own waves. As you incorporate the tips and techniques from this book into your everyday life and as you further develop your interest in practical spirituality, your inner light is going to shine more and more. The more happiness you radiate, the more people will notice your light. And as you continue your journey, you will discover new ways of shining your light brighter and brighter, and more and more people who are ready for a better life will be drawn to it.

Being a beacon of light is easy; it doesn’t require any effort at all. You can inspire by example, simply by being your beautiful and authentic self. Show the world how happy you are becoming. Show others what it feels like to glow and grow. As you do this, whether you are aware of it or not, you create moments of awakening for other people. And just like your own moments of awakening formed the foundation of your transformation, other people will have their own moments of awakening that will inspire them to discover their authentic happiness through understanding their life and their journey. When you inspire by example and lead the way for others while discovering the splendour of your own path, you help others build their own lives of a lifetime. Think for a moment what a gift that is and how it makes your own journey extra special!

Annex – Throughout this book I have talked to you about how you are a soul on a journey. You came to this world for a reason. That reason is to participate in as many experiences as you possibly can to contribute to the evolution of your soul.   I hope this book has helped you awaken to your own divinity, inner power, and strength. But also to the beauty and the potential of life – the grand opportunity that life is in so very many ways.

Perhaps you now have a clearer idea of what message you want to share with the world. Or maybe you are especially motivated to invite changes into your life. Or perhaps you feel a fresh sensation of confidence and self-empowerment. Whatever the way this book created moments of awakening for you, I sincerely hope you make a commitment to yourself to follow through on those moments.

Start implementing today what you have read and resonated with in this book. I am filled with excitement at the thought of just how much your life can change in so many wondrous ways. I have said it many times before and I want to say it one last time. If I can do it, so can you!

I included these eight reasons to leap forward into the next phase of your life because I wanted to give you an extra boost. Allow these reasons to inspire you to jump at the chance of taking your life to another level. See just how ready, empowered, allowed, supported, and capable you are of flowing into freedom and achieving your goals. And, above all, see how deserving you are of having more fulfilment in your life. Discover what lies around the corner for you. Discover the joy of achieving. Discover the delight that comes from turning your rat-race life… into a life of lifetime!