Ikigai Coaching


For Spiritually Curious Businessmen


My Ikigai coaching programme is a confidential, safe, and encouraging journey for male executives committed to exploring the unconditioned soul-version of themselves.

Across 10 sessions, we use the below themes as a starting point to facilitate expansive, healing, and spiritual (non-religious!) conversations. Click on the boxes to learn more:

A lack of self-worth is often a huge cause of unhappiness. But was is true self-worth? How can it be experienced? During our conversations, we will restore your self-worth by revisiting the soul reasons why you deserve to value yourself as much as you value others. Self-worth is your access pass to self-actualisation. Are you ready to learn why you deserve to value yourself more? Then the Ikigai Programme is your access pass.

Who are you, really? Do you know? Can you know? Yes – and the return to your unconditioned self is a liberating journey indeed. Liberating because you will drop huge amounts of baggage. This is not about escaping the responsibilities inherent to living in a modern world. It’s about remembering who you were before routine kicked in, before you were scarred by the opinion of others, before certain events caused you to believe life was unfair, and so on. There are over 7 billion people on this planet and so you are unique. It’s time to own that uniqueness. During our ikigai conversations, you will experience a preview of what living your unconditioned life could look like.

It’s time to let go of your guilt. Not in an arrogant way, but in a genuine, transcending way. Do you worry excessively? Carrying an invisible load on your shoulders or in your heart? Let’s talk and take a more constructive look at your situation. If you do it right, it is perfectly manageable to address your guilt and move on. In our sessions, we’ll explore what doing it right can look like for you. Whatever we don’t choose to acknowledge and work with in this lifetime finds a different way into our world to be seen. Is now a good time to let go of what’s holding you back? You deserve to feel lighter, and in this session I will remind you why.


This topic will be particularly helpful to men who are sensitive to the energy of places, events and other people. Our conversation about empathic boundaries will be about learning how you can better manage your own personal energy levels to avoid burnout by depletion. Social contact is essential to our mental wellbeing, however, so is striking a balance between sufficient social engagement and enough time to recharge. Spiritually-minded men are often over-givers and this session will help them apply effective boundaries without feeling guilty for being unkind.



One of the big reasons grief weighs so heavily on men is because showing your emotions was often regarded as unmanly. Men today are paying a really high price for that. I have a different approach: “Are you man enough to be vulnerable?” Because it sure takes true strength to open up on an emotional level. But that’s precisely the level where the transformation takes place. Let’s access that level together during our safe and confidential conversations.





Fear is an effective teacher. Whether it’s everyday anxiety or full-on stage fright, you can learn a great deal about yourself (past, present and future!) if you are open to overcoming your fears from an ikigai perspective: Fear as your realignment guide. Have you been holding onto fear for too long now? Have some of your fears become habits perhaps? A healthy dose of nervous excitement is helpful in life, but what if the bulk of your fears have simply expired? If you’re looking for a less clinical approach to understanding your fears this powerful session will be a highlight on your ikigai coaching journey.


There are many parts of you that still long to be discovered; to be expressed. These are the parts that have been suppressed -consciously or unconsciously- by the tremendous amount of time and energy you have invested in other priorities, such as raising a family, building a high-flying career or a certain preferred lifestyle. However, it’s those unexpressed parts of you that are prompting you to explore even this very message. They brought you here. They’re calling you to consider that there is so much more for you to discover in life. And that includes, of course, your ikigai: Your true life purpose. Will you honour the call?


When we say inner child, it’s easy to think of it as a weaker part of us that’s still healing; longing for our attention. And yes, often there is a lot of healing left to be done. But, what if your inner child had an equally important, grown-up message for you? What if it is ready for new exciting goals, experiences and learning? It could be a totally different kind of game it wants to play! Your ikigai programme will provide you with a beautiful opportunity to have that long-overdue chat with your inner child, find out what its new ambitions are, and become more playful again.


You are probably familiar with your mundane male energy, but are you ready to discover, accept and work with your divine male energy? Unlike mundane alpha male energy, this quality of energy enables you to approach Life without the need to partake in defensive, aggressive or pompous behaviour. It’s about becoming a true leader of others by becoming a true leader of self first.  It’s about becoming more powerful by becoming calmer, louder by being quieter, attractive on the outside because you feel great again on the inside, and so much more. As we go through your ikigai programme, your divine male energy will restore your confidence in a whole new way and with lasting effect.


You’re becoming more and more fine-tuned. As you progress on your journey of spiritual awakening, your senses heighten – especially your intuition. This process is often a significant gear-change for people and can feel overwhelming and even scary. With a view to maintaining your mental health in fine condition, it’s helpful to talk about these rapid changes in perception and awareness with someone who has had to learn first-hand how to manage similar experiences. We are all connected. Everything is connected. As you become a lighter being, the stuff you used to carry that pressed down on the omnipresent information energy flow no longer interrupts that stream of information, hence why you are becoming more intuitive. This session of your ikigai programme will reassure and inspire you to work with your intuition in ways that will help not only yourself but also those people whose lives you touch.



Prefer a different kind of conversation partner? Looking to invest in your continual personal development?

This programme is ideal for the accomplished but conscious businessman, excited about his self-actualisation beyond career success.

We connect via ZOOM (you have a choice between video and audio). Please allow 1,5 hours for each session. In-person meetings are optional by special arrangement. Investment: £1999 + VAT.


To get started please email me with a brief intro and outline of what you are looking to achieve, as well as your preferred session times and format.
Please bear in mind time zones (I am based in the UK).

We will mutually establish if the Ikigai programme is suitable for you during an initial complementary call.

  • Your Ikigai programme also includes:

    • Free paperback copy of my book,
      “Life of a Lifetime – Inspiration for Creating Your Extraordinary Life”
    • MP3 recordings of our ZOOM coaching sessions
    • 20% lifetime discount on my events


The vast majority of my coaching clients and event participants are female. I have created the Ikigai programme specifically to encourage more men to look after their spiritual personal development and mental wellbeing, too, away from just reading books or watching motivational videos online, and to have a dialogue with an experienced spiritual mentor instead.

I look forward to connecting with you.