Ikigai Coaching for

Spiritually Curious Businessmen

self-actualisation beyond career success


10 Themes. Infinite Expansion.

My Ikigai coaching programme is a confidential, safe, and encouraging journey for male executives committed to exploring the unconditioned soul-version of themselves.

Across 10 sessions, we use the following themes as a starting point to facilitate expansive, healing, and spiritual (non-religious!) conversations:

  • Your (soul) self-worth
  • Your (redundant) guilt
  • Your (hidden) grief
  • Your (unexpressed) purpose
  • Your (divine male) energy
  • Your (unconditioned) individuality
  • Your (empathetic) boundaries
  • Your (expired) fears
  • Your (grown up) inner child
  • Your (intuitive) mental health

Are you unfulfilled by conventional inspirational resources? Prefer a different kind of conversation partner? Looking to invest in your continual personal development?

This programme is ideal for the accomplished but conscious businessman, excited about his self-actualisation beyond career success.

We connect via ZOOM (you have a choice between video and audio). Please allow 1,5 hours for each session. In-person meetings are optional by special arrangement. Price on application.

Your Ikigai programme also includes:

  • Free paperback copy of my book, “Life of a Lifetime – Inspiration for Creating Your Extraordinary Life”
  • MP3 recordings of our ZOOM coaching sessions
  • 20% lifetime discount on my events

To embark on your Ikigai journey, please email me with a brief intro and outline of what you are looking to achieve, as well as your preferred session times and format, bearing in mind time zones (I am based in the UK). We will mutually establish if the Ikigai programme is suitable for you during an initial complementary call.


Why men only? The vast majority of my coaching clients and event participants are female. I have created the Ikigai programme specifically to encourage more men to look after their spiritual personal development and mental wellbeing, too, away from just reading books or watching motivational videos online, and to have a dialogue with an experienced spiritual mentor instead.

I look forward to connecting with you.