I’ve been looking forward to writing this particular post. It’s very personal. Why? Well, it’s been exactly one whole year without a panic attack. And I am sharing this because I want those out there who suffer in silence to know that it IS possible to overcome YOUR panic attacks, too.

I remember it well: I was waiting for my train home to Manchester at Euston in London. Out of the blue, that horrible sensation of dread (and will I faint?) came over me and I thought I would never make it to the train. The idea of collapsing, making a fool of myself and then also miss my train quickly exacerbated the panic. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the outside, but on the inside you just want to leave the building as fast as humanly possible. I somehow did make it onto the train (you always do, to be fair, and I have never fainted in my life), but I did make a decision there and then: I would get to the bottom of this.

That decision ended up being life-changing.

To cut a long healing story short, I took multiple courses in Mindfulness and have cultivated a daily Mindfulness practice since. So life-changing in fact, I trained as a Mindfulness teacher and embarked on a master’s course in teaching Mindfulness because I want to help others help themselves and experience the many benefits.

I am not saying I’ve not had a wobble (hey, it’s 2020, run my own business, and I am still an Empath who’s sensitive to and affected by the energy of places and people), but the wobbles never develop into a full-blown anxiety/panic attack. Instead, there is kind self-awareness, a greater understanding of what happens in those moments on a neurological level, and the ability to respond rather than react.

I cannot recommend Mindfulness highly enough. Nothing is ever a panacea, but I believe that Mindfulness comes pretty darn close. And you are NOT alone: The more I share my story in my workshops and talks, the clearer it is that pretty much all of us experience wobbles. Whether people understand what’s really going on in their system, however, is a different thing. But you can learn about that; you can explore what is going on when you feel anxious, and that knowledge CAN set you free.

If YOU would like to learn more, please never hesitate to reach out. I will do what I can to guide you and find the right resource for you.

From panic to peace… It IS possible.

And if you would like to experience a Mindfulness meditation session, you can join me every Sunday at 7:30pm UK live online. No experience required (and you don’t need to show your camera either!), just a gentle curiosity for positive change. Learn more HERE