Imagine if you were able to RESPOND to situations rather than REACT.

How much calmer would you be?

How many fights and misunderstandings would you avoid?

How much smarter would you come across?

RESPOND, don’t react… That’s one of the key benefits of mindfulness I appreciate so much.

Sure, triggers may be all around us, but how they affect us becomes a CHOICE: We can choose to RESPOND to them or react to them.

Reactions are almost always driven by our “autopilot”… Default habitual thought programmes that historically protected us from danger, but don’t always serve us in this day and age (causing anxiety, stress, etc.)

When you practice mindfulness, however, you create a space between the trigger and you. This allows you to formulate a RESPONSE (not reaction) instead.

Not only will it make you feel more in control in the moment, it will also create new neural pathways leading to better, happier and healthier thinking, thus making you feel better in the long run! Choose wisely, I would say.

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