Thanks for stopping by. I felt inspired to write this short blog post after a remarkable surge in spiritual mentoring inquiries from senior executives I met at a networking event last month. This article contains a selection of frequently asked questions about my signature approach to coaching. If you have been considering working with a personal coach because you want fulfillment on all levels -including your spirituality- you may find this information helpful.

“What -exactly- do you mean by spirituality coaching?”

Conventional coaching is designed to take a client from “where they are” to “the goal.” The process is familiar and aims to discover the steps a person needs to take to achieve that goal. It’s effective and can make a difference to people’s personal and professional lives. But it’s also rather “set,” and many of my executive clients tell me they are pretty fed up with the “inquisition-style” of questioning applied by many business coaches. At their level, this question-answer-action process is not always what’s needed to become a better leader. Just like you, they are good leaders, and they are also looking to develop themselves by better understanding a very interesting coaching gap that’s not usually covered -let alone closed- during conventional business coaching sessions. The gap I’m talking about here is the gap between who we ARE and what we DO. I often use the term “calibration” to describe what really happens for my clients during spirituality coaching sessions. As they begin to re-appreciate who they are as a holistic human being (beyond the successful career), they get clearer on the bigger picture of their soul journey and then we look at how much of their lifestyle is indeed aligned with who they are. Calibration is all about taking small but significant steps to resetting yourself to your “factory settings” as I call it. You know when you’re no longer in sync, right? That’s usually a good time to explore spirituality coaching to help you re-calibrate. It’s all about having that much-needed conversation you feel you can’t really have with colleagues, friends, or even family.

“I’m not at all religious, so why does this speak to me?”

Because spirituality coaching has nothing to do with religion. As you can imagine, at networking events, for example, I’m often challenged on this when I confidently mention the “s-word” during introductions. There’s no need to panic. Spirituality is simply about exploring the following basic questions: “Who am I, why am I here, and how can I use that knowledge to improve the quality of my life?” That’s not religious or woowoo at all. We all ask ourselves these questions at some point, right? Spiritually-minded people resonate with those questions more consciously. (Even bookstores make a clear distinction between spirituality and religion. They usually have a “Mind Body Spirit” section and a “Religion” section.) Many of my executive coaching clients don’t practice their religion at all, yet they are very interested in exploring spiritual topics such as their life purpose, mindfulness, intuition, karma, the soul, etc. They are in very successful careers and make a conscious choice to become the best version of themselves on all levels – especially spirituality. Going on the yearly yoga retreat no longer gives them the energetic top-up needed to stay satisfied as an executive. They accelerate their personal -and professional- development by actively engaging in regular spirituality coaching. Some clients talk to me a few times per month, others once every quarter. It all depends on what’s needed on personal, business, and soul levels.

“Why are you into this, what makes you qualified?”

I understand the satisfaction that comes from living a life that’s fully calibrated with one’s true passion. That feeling can propel you through the toughest of times and dramatically improve the quality of your life. It certainly does for me – and I want others to experience this feeling also, from corporate workshop participants to my private executive clients. Speaking of tough times, being sexually abused as a child put me directly on the path of practical spirituality. Long story short, I wanted to know why I had to go through this experience, why it happened to me, and how I could move onwithout the trauma stopping me from having the good stuff in life. You can read the full story in my motivational book, “Life of a Lifetime – Inspiration for Creating Your Extraordinary Life (Business Expert Press, NY). It was the secret popularity of this book among business executives that validated my spiritual gift on one hand and the demand for it on the other. The success of the book indeed encouraged me to fully calibrate who I AM with what I DO best, so in 2015 I started my coaching consultancy full-time after 10 years of working within various Learning and Development based roles. I could no longer be the smaller version of myself. I wanted to play bigger and help bigger. The conscious people I work with today share that ambition. (If qualifications matter: I have received extensive coaching training and obtained many qualifications in this field (Institute of Leadership & Management and Coach Training Alliance). The Learning & Performance Institute has awarded me with Full Member level and I’m also a member of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.)

“Who do you work with?”

First of all, I want to share that I’m not a psychic hotline. Yes, I am psychic. No, my coaching sessions are not psychic readings. (You are also psychic by the way. We all are. Some people are just more fine-tuned to their psychic senses than others. Gut feelings, intuition, emotions and so forth are all different aspects of your psychic abilities.) Spirituality coaching can, of course, include discussing esoteric guidance from higher sources, however it’s all about developing your commitment to exploringthe steps, not hoping they will simply be given on a plate. Successful executives understand accountability and ownership. They are exploritative. I can help you choose the right brush and bring you closer to your canvas, but what you paint on it is for you to discover. And you will. The confidential space I create for my clients fills up with precisely the right levels of revelatory energy, in all sorts of ways. It feels as if your soul steps in to guide the conversation because you step out of the way and allow your inner voice to be heard. It’s powerful, healing, and effective. The connection to your true self will benefit your connections in life and in business. I mentor conscious executives and business owners from London to Cape Town, from New York to Manchester, and across all industries. My clients understand that being a successful leader for others starts by better leading the way within ourselves first.